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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teas Tea Review

I love tea, if you didn't notice and always jump at the chance to give my readers a new tea to try.  I have to this point only tested hot teas, but received the other day my first testing of a cold tea.  I wasn't sure how it would go since I have less control over how the tea turns out.  Hot tea gives you instructions on how to brew for the best taste, but you can add sugar or honey or whatever you choose to get the full taste you personally desire.  Cold tea, comes pre-made by someone else so you are taking their taste.  So, I had my husband help.

Now my husband is a strictly Sweet Tea man and very particular at that.  I often have to make it from scratch and about once a month still mess it up.  I figured if he likes it then it will really pass the test.  We were going on a hike and I figured it would be great for the drive home.  So, after the hike he took the Blueberry lightly sweetened green tea and I took the unsweetened green tea.

The unsweetened green tea had the grassy taste green tea is meant to have.  I only had one taste which I felt bordered on bitter, that can sometimes happen with green tea when over brewed, but the tea had just been sitting in a hot car and was probably a result of the heated environment.  Other than that their were now bitter hints and definitely no sweetness, just the pure green leave taste of the green tea.  It was very refreshing and just what I needed after the long hike with 2 babies and 3 dogs.

The lightly sweetened Blueberry Green Tea was actually enjoyed by my husband.  It wasn't too sweet nor was the blueberry over powering.  It was the perfect marriage between, green tea, blueberry, and sweetener blending into an almost dessert flavored drink.  He really loved that the flavor wasn't strong because usually when he has a fruit flavored tea his complaint is that it may as well be juice the fruit flavor destroys any tea flavor.  When he wasn't looking I took a taste and really loved the subtle blending of flavors.  I normally dislike blueberry flavoring because generally I feel like it is too sour and not the flavor I get from eating an actual blueberry, but this was a true blueberry flavor.

Teas Tea has a partnership with Whole Foods / Whole Planet Foundation.  It can currently be found at Whole Foods Market for sale nationwide or you can check out their website:  

Both teas were deemed re-buy-able by us and we give them 4 out of 5 iced glasses loosing one for the one bitter mouthful of green tea I had.  I highly recommend trying this tea for yourself. Giveaway starts 3/30/2012! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My husband loves tea too & like yours prefers tea that isn't overly sugary sweet. I'd like to try the Blueberry Green tea.

  2. I'd try Golden Oolong tea!


  3. the half/half green apple- already sweetened


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