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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Renaissance Faire Review

We went to the Renaissance Faire on Saturday for the first time. It was set up in an adorable fashion with the buildings taking you back to a different time. It was supposed to be the History weekend, but I'll be honest I'm not sure what set it apart from the other weekends. They did have a section that showed how things were made in the old days which I found very cool and appreciated, plus they had royalty which included a very loud queen whom one vender claimed would offer her jests at those trying the various games.

There are a lot of venders' selling everything from air chairs to hair braiding. Some were walking around selling their items or pretzels which was interesting to see. I can't tell you how many psychics we passed by offering hand readings. In one area their were 3 tents right next to each other. I can only assume that fortune telling was large during the Renaissance. While we didn't get a fortune reading believing we are the masters of our own destiny we did consider getting my hair braided, but decided against it with the time it would take and having two toddlers in tow!

They had food everywhere and I was concerned at first that it had become to commercial with the pizza and fries everywhere, but when I saw that they still had Turkey Legs my mind was settled some. Naturally, I had a Turkey Leg, which tasted amazing and very similar to a roasted pork over a thanksgiving turkey. It was delicious and if you go, get the leg you can have pizza anytime.

People where dressed to the period, some just in costume as I believe we saw Cinderella walking around and other seemed to just be wearing whatever costume they wanted. Then their were those like us who where just in their street clothes.

There were shows everywhere and it was nice that they had a number of stages with a variety of shows from tightrope walking to comedy and everything in between. Old time games were afoot every turn you took and some kids rides which were powered by people which I personally enjoyed since it gave to a more realistic feel. Llama, Camel, and Elephants were available to ride in if you chose too! 

My kids personally loved the petting zoo which was free and other than the pig trying to eat my hand mostly friendly.

Some of the baby lambs tried to escape but a real herding dog was right their to send them back to the pen.

My daughter would have spent the entire day talking to the horse if we had let her or picking up fallen feed for the sheep and trying to feed it to them kernel by kernel.

I talked my husband into trying the strong man game which was a lot of fun!

Temptation arrived at the tomato toss, but we decided to spend the money on a wand that the little girl of mine seemed to have her eye on instead.

We didn't stay for the joust which we both felt would have been a site to see, but after 2 and a half hours at the faire with 2 little one's they were ready for a nap. I was a little disappointed at how much wasn't free after the $22.00 adult and $12.00 kid tickets, but their was still plenty to see and do. Like everything these days bring a good amount of cash for goodies as the turkey leg was $7.50 and the wand we got my daughter was $8.00.

If you enjoy period re-enactment this is a great place to go, if you are looking for something different and slightly historical to expose the kids to than this is a great option.  We had a blast seeing all the sites and the different costumes walking around.  And despite it being more costly than I expected the butterfly wand we got my daughter is still surviving and casting spells around the house!

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