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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My husband has been bewitched

The other day my husband took out the trash, no this isn't the reason he is bewitched, and he knows that I love the flowers blooming in the Arizona spring so he took off some from the boganvia plant and brought them in to give to me.  I found it to be very sweet and loved it, there are others in the house who didn't think the same.

My daughter instantly said "No, not pretty, no mommy daddy!" She was eating and had wanted to be up where her brother is so, we let her sit in one of the daycare high chairs so they could have dinner together.  From her perch the then made a big old sad face and the bottom lip came out.  Her father instantly went back outside.

She held back her tears and then was all non-chalante about her thanks daddy when he came in with flowers for her.  They were set on the end of her tray and she went back to eating.  Happy that she also got flowers from her favorite person, daddy, and thus the first time my daughter would have fresh flowers at the table with her when she eats has happened.  I think this may be also the start of a little finger wrapping as it seems that if mommy gets flowers, she will also require flowers from daddy or the lip may reveal itself again.

Until that moment, my husband has been a very fair and good father and has avoided the spoiling his little girl syndrome some fathers get with daughters.  Can't say I blame him, it was pretty cute to see her so upset and wanting a special gift from her daddy.


  1. hehehe bless her craving her daddy's love, that's so cute, definatley sounds like a daddy's girl. My husband really wants a little girl, our little boy is very much a mummys boy ;)

    Thanks for linking up hun x

  2. So it's true what they say, "Daddy's girl" and "Momma's Boy?!"


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