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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hieroglyphic Trail Hike Gold Canyon, AZ

We love hiking and I think it is a great family outing no matter your childs age.  Infants can be strapped to a back or front, toddlers can work those little legs, kids can explore and learn the environment, teenagers can get some cardio and Vitamin D in a healthy way, and us adults get a good workout and tired kids that usually make for calm kids once home.

Most recently I posted pictures of our hike in the Riparian area and showcased the birds we saw.  This time we went to Gold Canyon and hiked the Hieroglyphic Trail. Being spring in Arizona the wild flowers are starting to bloom and weather is still nice enough that the heat doesn't ruin the amazing scenery.

I will say that if you are looking for some amazingly brilliant spring colors than Arizona between February and April is great for the flowers and their amazing colors!  This is the time the desert becomes painted with color.
The yellows,


and magenta (kidding that's me and the kids)

almost seem misplaced in contrast to the variety of browns and

greens around them.

As will all hikes one must keep an eye out for anything as you never know what you will find or see.

If you are looking for a fun hike in AZ check this one out.  We didn't make it to the top, we have before but were carrying everyone then and

I wasn't still healing from my shoulder surgery.  The top is sort of an oasis when the waters from the snows far away melt and flow down into little pools with waterfalls filling them surrounded by rocks which have been covered in hieroglyphics making for a very surreal and calming place to have lunch and catch a few rays before heading down.  We did hear of some rattlers coming out, but usually they try to stay away from you and are brought out by the horses vibrating their under ground dens.  Most the one's we heard were around the corner were gone or hiding by the time we rounded the bend.

Still keep a watchful eye because you never know you could see a Rattler, a figure in a catcus,

or a face carved into a Mesquite Tree.

Have fun and remember to look around you as the world paints itself in color appreciating that such simplistically complicated beauty can not be imagined only remembered!

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  1. I enjoyed your story. Such a great way to spend the way with your family.


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