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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Gun Show in My House!

My husband and I, on occasion, get out for a date and usually we go to Trivia Nights and more often than night place.  The other night we did horrible and didn't place at all, but we had great conversation and I got to wear some new clothes that weren't too big!  I just had to share a picture of us on our date night because while I've managed to drop some weight, I'm not tiny and my husbands guns are on display!  He may not brag, but I sure will!  So, while we didn't place this date night, I at least I had some eye candy sitting across from me!

Make sure to take the time and admire the person sitting across from you from time to time.  Note things about them that you enjoy and take a moment to smile when you complement them on those things.  Let those things remind you what you want in yourself and if you have achieved those things give yourself a silent complement for those achievements.  Bottom line is that none of us should lose our relationships or self in the constant chaos that is our lives or we may miss out on some pretty good memories.

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