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Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Review and Giveaway on Orange Sherbets' Music CD

Orange Sherbet: Serving up Sweet Music for Families

We have been lucky enough to have another amazing review and giveaway shared with us!  We proudly thank  Mom Does Reviews for her opinions on Orange Sherbet's latest CD.  If your kids love music check out this review and then enter to win some great tunes for yourself!

Here is the CD's background:

“Jazzy jammin’ and folky strumming soup up this electric hodgepodge of rhythm-propelled ditties.”– Parenting magazine review of Orange Sherbet’s Big Brother, Big Sister
Delicious is a tasty, jazzed-up, seventeen-song musical celebration of the foods of spring, summer, fall, and winter and the joys of growing, preparing, and enjoying nourishing, delicious meals. The history behind Delicious: Five years ago, Orange Sherbet’s Tamsen Fynn participated in the Eat Local Challenge with her husband, professional baker Eduardo Morell. They spent a month preparing and eating local foods grown and produced within 100 miles of home. Around that same time, Tamsen was introduced to the Local Foods Wheel, a wonderful tool for discovering local, seasonal food in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her creative energy went into high gear, and she soon found herself spending hours at the kitchen table with a pile of cookbooks and a long list of foods, on a quest for dishes that were mouthwatering and would lend themselves to musical treatment. With the enthusiastic agreement of Orange Sherbet bandmates Jill and Steve Pierce, both of whom love savoring a good, home-cooked meal, Orange Sherbet embarked on writing music for Delicious. Orange Sherbet’s new CD, Delicious, with Waffle Day, Springtime, and Stone Soup is set for release on May 15!

Review by Mom Does Reviews:

I love finding new music for children that does more than just repeat popular phrases about pop stars, dances or magic. Orange Sherbet writes music for children that actually makes children want to learn more about our world, our environment, the seasons and even food. Each song on this new, jazzy, bluesy CD was inspired by The Local Foods Wheel. The CD encourages children to try new food, especially locally grown ones. Children might try bok choy after listening to the fun songs on this CD. Stranger things have happened while listening to inspiring music! My favorite song is "Waffle Time." It's such a fun song! I love the rock anthem feel of the song. And who doesn't love waffles? My son's favorite song is "Chase That Pig." I have to admit, I like that one too, it brings back memories of slopping the hogs, riding them around the pig pen and trying to capture the escape artists. The music is fun, the words are even more fun! Yes, Orange Sherbet's new CD Delicious, is just that: delicious! Warning, do not listen to this CD on an empty stomach! Mom Does Reviews gives Orange Sherbet's Delicious 5 out of 5 stars. It's a unique blend of music styles for children ages 4 to 8, but even big kids, moms, dads, grandparents, will love it too!

The Giveaway:

The folks at Orange Sherbet kindly donated a Delicious CD for one lucky winner!Be sure to visit Delicious, a musical feast by Orange Sherbets's Kickstarter page. Can you help fund their project? Giveaway is open to US only. Giveaway ends on 4/3 at 1201am Good luck! Disclosure: I was given this product for review purposes only. I was not given any monetary compensation. All opinions are my own. ~Pam at Mom Does Reviews
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  1. Ridin' is one of their CDs. :)



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