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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Post by Lemuel Craft: Video baby monitor

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

We recently had our second child, and you have never met a better mother than my wife. She is the most kind, loving, patient woman I have ever known. I wanted to get her a gift for Mother’s Day that she would really enjoy. I know that she wanted a video baby monitor with our first child. However, they are very expensive, so we went with a much cheaper sound monitor only. With another baby here, I decided it was worth the extra money to make my wife happy and to be able to see our children sleeping in the other rooms of the house. The monitor I bought toggles between rooms every eight seconds, so we are able to see both of our children. My wife loved the gift. I bought the monitor online using broaband satellite internet because we live in a rural area. There are very few stores located within driving distance that have this type of product. I know my wife sleeps better at night knowing we can see our children in their rooms anytime we want. Our two-year-old son has gotten into the habit of getting out of his bed at night, so the monitor has worked out really well.

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