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Monday, March 19, 2012

Birds on the Brain

During our most recent outing to the Riparian area we were lucky enough to see a log of different animals.  We noted a cotton tail who scampered across our path and of course many amazing birds!  My daughter had a quick eye for any duck, swan, or goose who came into her line of site, while the hubby was on a quest for more elusive feathered friends.

As I just stated we saw many different waterfowl as there are a number of swampy/lake-like area's for the birds to gather.

Kingfishers, a large variety of ducks, swans, geese, and even, what I think is a, Snowy Egret were scene by my little daughter who loves those ducky's!

My hubby and I noted a lot of hummingbirds darting around, grackles, and mockingbirds were plentiful. We were able to get an eye on a lot of Yellow-Rumped Warblers and I caught about 4 different sightings of what looked to be house finches with their (I say red, hubby says orange) feathers telling what they are.  Sadly, these little buggers gave me a hard time and I didn't get any pictures of them.

I was able to get some shots of a few great finds!

I got this slightly angry Male Red Cardinal!  My husband had seen a female cardinal just last week in the same area so we think that we must have been near a nest.

The other coolest siting and cruddy but you can tell what it is photo we got was of a Hawk!  He was just right there perched and staring at us.  My husband saw it and I'm short so I had to back up a ways before I was able to see him just sitting their.  I tried to get a good photo of him, but my camera kept focusing on the branches and I was very annoyed at that.  Still I think they turned out alright.

We ended our birding adventures with my daughter siting this goose right next to the waters edge.

If I'm off on my identification, any of your hard core birders, feel free to comment below and correct me.

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