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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taxes, Should be Considered a Discouraging Word!!!!

I just need to vent!  I have about had it with tax season!  I'm getting all the numbers together to do the taxes and each year finding what I need for the daycare taxes is insane.  You literally have to be a educated with a certificate in tax preparation to just know what numbers you even need to fill out the forms, not to mention which forms they want you to fill out this year, because their is always one that is different, added on, or no longer needed.  So, lately, in between going bald from ripping my hair out, trying to mask the twitch I've developed in my eye with crazy hats and head pieces that cover half my face, and praying I don't just break down into tears regularly I've thought about doing just that!  Maybe it's time this mom blogger, daycare owner, and pseudo-financial wiz extraordinaire fix the situation by getting a real education in preparing taxes!

Why not do this, right?  It makes since since I run the daycare and the blog, plus when the kids go into school maybe it will help me get a part-time job coupled with my bachelors for a little extra income?  I do hear kids get more expensive as they grow.  OK, so right now I'm in the search phase to decide if this is something I can even do with my packed schedule.  First, what in the world do you need to do taxes?

It turns out that to legally you  have to be an enrolled agent cpe.  OK, so now what?  Well, checking the IRS for programs is a good start.  Not so much, I went to the IRS page and searched enrolled agent cpe programs, enrolled agent cpe programs list, enrolled agent cpe, cpe, and a variety of others and got anything from tax forms from 2007 to new regulations on filing?  Next time, I will remember the reason for my early balding and just Google it instead.  Using the terms enrolled agent continuing education requirements with Google I am now on my way to learning if this is something I have the time to take on and the ability.  

So, now I'm curious.  How many of you do your own taxes?  Do you own your own business?  What is your most annoying tax complaint?  Comment below, I'd like to know I'm not alone.  Or if you are looking into learning to be an enrolled agent cpe, let me know what you've found!

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