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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Math Learning Tips for Kindergarten and First Grade

We all thought, unless we made it a profession, that most of the math we learned in high school would leave us forever never to be seen again!  We hap-hazardly memorized the material making sure to use the brain space later if needed.  Well, now I run a daycare and have two kids of my own and guess what, I'm facing how to teach math to those kids!  Learning tools are needed and I live in fear of the days those big books come home and I'm at a loss for how to help without re-learning it myself in the wee hours of the morning.  

This calls for a mommy tools intervention!  I'm starting early so hopefully they will love math and need less help later.  My daughter is 2 so I count a lot during the day, whatever I can gets counted.  She also has to pay for anything she picks out if we go to the store.  Dad's Valentine's gift, she handed over the cash, Brothers Valentine's Gift, the same deal this way she understands their is an exchange even if she doesn't fully get the idea of money she will learn nothing is free.  
So, now I'm helping get a kindergartner ready and while the addition and subtraction are simple finding ways to help learn them is not.  I use counting tables, puzzles, lunch items, baking, rocks, and everything I can.  If there are 3 dogs and one goes outside to potty how many are inside?  Anything that can be made into an equation is done.  So, this has me thinking for the next step!  What do I recommend for the parents when the kid graduates to full time school?  

Thus, my current search for math games for first graders.   So far, my household ideas are to bake (can you tell I do this a lot with the kids) and have them read the recipe requirement and then help measure the item to that requirement.  Have them count by 7's with the calendar or by two's when doing laundry and folding socks for learning multiples.  Have them help budget the grocery list.  Give them a total, tell them what recipes are planned and have them check the kitchen for what is needed.  Hand them the coupon book and have them pull the one's on your list, now at the store have them keep track of what each item costs and the total with the goal of being at or under your original total for money management.  Their are also many good online sites that have math games for first graders as well.   

For the requirements for first graders in math in Arizona visit the Arizona education department.  Make sure to check your own state to make sure your child isn't falling behind!  

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