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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kristin Wells Bio!!!!!!

I've been lucky to have met some great writers in my time as a blogger and with me being out from surgery I've asked a few to help me out with a Guest Post!  Let me introduce my first Guest Blogger of the weekend Kristin Wells.  She has agreed to share her knowledge of Yoga with us which will post Saturday!  Her ability to take potential obstacles in life and discover new paths for herself in them is inspirational and truly within the teachings of the yoga practice.  Let me introduce to you, Guest Blogger: Kristin Wells!!!!
I always felt my life to be very averagely “American.” Although, it seems sometimes something extraordinary can come out of an otherwise mundane seed of family life. Living in North Charleston, South Carolina didn’t give me and my brothers very many chances to break the mold. I grew up with a very close knit family that held onto their southern values very proudly. My family is historically an agriculture cattle-raising and row crop producing type of family. We lived in the city, so we were closer to school and able to socialize, which my mother was very thankful, but our family’s land was located a good trek outside of town. North Charleston is a fairly large city by South Carolina standards, but still suffered from a small town social problem. Everyone seemed to know your business. Often times, even before you did. I was extremely interested in math going through middle school and early into high school. My aspiration was to be a 7th grade math teacher one day. Sometimes I feel as though every young girl wants to be a teacher of some sort. I mentioned earlier that my family was close knit or so I thought. Surprising my siblings and me, my parents ended up getting a divorce when I was in high school. This completely changed the dynamics of everything I believed at the time. I don’t think I would go so far as to say I was depressed, but it definitely hit me hard. Harder than my brothers who seemed to take the news easier. They were older at the time, so maybe that had something to do with it. My parents divorce was the kick-start into the writing realm. My first adventure into writing began in a journal that I kept under my bed where I could write how I was feeling through that whole process. It then blossomed into me taking my first creative writing class and falling in love with it. It wasn't easy at first, but was more of a labor of love until I could really find myself through my writing. It was very therapeutic to be able to write and to get some of these feelings out on the page, instead of bottling it all up.  It really began to feel like that’s what I wanted to do. If writing can change how I felt for the better, then why can’t it work for someone else? Keeping in-line with part of my childhood goal, I decided to go to the University of Georgia and major in creative writing. Hopefully, going on one day to teach it to others who may be in a similar situation that I was in. That’s the extraordinary part. It is extraordinary in the fact that something great and lasting can come out of something so seemingly hopeless and turn a bad dream into a lifelong passion. I’m sorry my parents’ divorce happened, but it put me in a place where I could really find my love and was able to change me forever for the positive.

Kristin Well's Posts: Power Yoga for Moms

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