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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going Green with Eco Store: Product Review

How many of you are going green?  How many of you are trying to find great products?  I was asked by eco-store to try their green products.  I agreed and was sent two products from two different lines.  One from their baby line of products and one from their household products!  So, why not.  I run a daycare and can always use baby and cleaning products!

I started by testing the Sleepytime Bath Aroma Therapy.  I made sure to follow the instructions and put a cap full into the water, mixing it around to make sure I was following the instructions.  I first noticed the great smell.  It has an amazing lavender scent that I enjoyed as I was bathing my little babies.  I'm not sure if they noticed the smell or not, but my 2 year old now asks for some in her bath each night and I can't tell if this is because it's something extra or she likes the smell.  I do have the kids smell things a lot, ingredients, leaves, flowers, so it wouldn't be surprising if she just likes the scent.  My son is usually ready to go straight down now as well.  They are still nuts during the bath, but after words are very mellow.  I personally would get it just so I can enjoy the smell when bathing the baby's, but it does seem to at least mellow out my 1 year old some, their may not be hope to mellow out the 2 year old!!!
The next item that I reviewed was the All Purpose Cleanser.  Naturally, I smelled it and to be honest it reminded me of my last hair dye, slightly citrus-y with a definite this is going to do something scent.  Luckily, it did not change the color of anything despite the scent association I had.  In fact, I used it to clean the counters and high chair trays during the daycare hours and it worked just as good as my typical Lysol wipes only without the bleach!!!!!!  Notice the photo at the start of the posting and the one next to this text for comparison (yes I took off the fabric cover for clean up purposes and yes that is a cupcake) If you are looking for a good cleaner the All-Purpose Cleaner managed to clean up our nasty trays, try it and let me know what it cleaned up for you, comment below!!!!! If you are interested in winning these products enter our giveaway!  
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