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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting organized and taking Names!

So, this year I'm trying to get my life streamlined.  I've got a recipe organizer, a daily calendar, and now clipix.  I can save all the recipes in my organizer for easy access during meals.  I record the doctor, vet, and trip plans on the calendar with everyone's special days to make sure I'm on top of the day to day family life.  I save all the present ideas, crafts for the daycare, books I want to read, clothes I like, kids clothes I like, shoes I like, things the husband may like, potential items for the etsy store, potential doggy deals, and things I'd love in the home!

Now, I have lists, scheduling, and all the planning tools I need to get my life in order.
I just found clipix and am new to using it.  I came across this and thought, this is great for me!  As a blogger I'm online a lot so it makes sense to organize this way.  Best part is I can share my lists with family and friends!  Maybe, send the kids clipboard to family for ideas for Christmas or their B-day or "accidently" send the books I'd like to read and shoes clipboard to my husband! Here is my Books I'd like to read grabbed from a variety of sources, hint, hint, to the hubby for Valentine's Day!  Check it out for yourself and join my get organized band wagon!

Clipboard: Books I'd like to read
$10.98 The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Modern Library Paperbac...
$4.95 The Picture of Dorian Gray (Barnes & Noble Classics Ser...
$10.88 For Whom the Bell Tolls (9780684803357): Ernest Hemingw...
$14.20 The Republic Of Plato: Second Edition (9780465069347): ...
$9.99 1984 (Signet Classics) (9780451524935): George Orwell, ...
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