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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Atkins at Two?!!! My Picky Eater Problem!

I don't know about the rest of you out their, but I am dealing with a picky eater.  My daughter has always been a carnivore, but I used to be able to get her to eat pasta, some veggies, and fruits.  She has just turned two and my already picky eater is now reducing her diet even further!  She seems to have put herself on some form of two year old atkins diet where she will only eat bacon, chicken, and hamburger!  If I'm lucky she might take a bite of cheese for me, but is now rejecting the old favorite yogurt granola parfait with frozen fruit with demands of the sizzled pork!  What is a mom to do?

I'm getting creative! I'm going look at joining the world of Juicers!  I am still able to get her to at least drink her Kern's nectar so why not add some more fruits and maybe a carrot or two into the mix and get her on a pseudo-V-8 intake each day?  I already add shredded carrots to most cookies and the thought of wrapping them in bacon has crossed my mind as gross as that sounds, but I think the best start to adding more of a balance to her diet is to use the juice!

I need to start of course by browsing the blenders online and finding one that can handle a more heavy duty task than a few ice cubes.  I could pull out the old Cuisinart, but the words "insane mess" come to mind when I think of the liquid state I would be trying to create.  I am trying to pulverize a carrot mixed with Kern's guava, some berries and a few ice cubes so I'm going to need some serious power.  Or I'm going to have to break down and get a juicer.  Either way I need to find a good one.  I may have found one at Omega Juicers, too!  Now, to convince the hubby to get it for a mom's day gift!!!!! (Hint to Hubby: It's the one pictured to the right!)

Help me out!  How are you getting you're picky eaters to get a balance back in their diet?

Solution attempt #1: Why Not Nachos?

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  1. Right now I am also facing the same problem. My three years old now only eats protein and refuses carbs. Luckily he likes his veggies. I don't have any tips right now, but if you do pls share it in your next post :)


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