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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Window Shopping on the Web

Do you ever think to yourself, "If I only had the money?"  I love finding deals and tend to shop consignment for the kids because the grow so fast and get so dirty during the day, but there are days I find it hard not to wish that I had the money to get a designer dud or two for the kiddo's.  The problem with "window" shopping the designer dud's is that there are so many childrens fashions now that we can literally find any style put into mini-form.  Today, my "wish" shopping was centered around two designers I stumbled across online at the Ladida website.

The first one I found is Splendid.  The name says it all!  The lines are clean and only slightly edgy.  The little boys have a lot of basic colors, nothing too bright, and I love my little guy in the polo's and khaki's, so the fashion they offer is right up my alley.  For my little girl I love her in more preppy wear.  Maybe it's her jean blue eyes and blondish hair or it could be that she just turned two and is obsessed with shoes, having her finger and toes done, and getting to put lip gloss on, but she just looks so adorable in a jumper and turtleneck.  Anything blue makes her deep blue eyes even deeper blue and I love that her half curled hair in a partial pony seems to compliment the preppy fashion in an odd contrast between clean lines and soft flare.  I'm sure you can see why I was wishing for a few dollars to spend on something "Splendid"!

The other designer I used my spare moments to troll around was Minimu.   I found this because we teasingly call our kids Mini-mangs after an old Mongolian conqueror because both kids are tough and resilient.  Anyway, I entered this in and surprisingly found this designer, which is pretty much how I got on this whole track today of exploring the fashion of kids.  They have some adorable headbands that first caught my eye due to my daughters recent love of all things girly and desire to have something in her hair, so she can say she looks "pretty" and then give a little head cock and smile.  They also had my favorite outfit for my roly-poly little man!  Polo's and pants!  I don't know why, but I love it when this little guy looks like he could join his dad at work on casual fridays!  Maybe it's his tubby belly and chubby cheeks in a clean cut polo that makes me giggle or it's that he just looks like his daddy in these clothes, but either way I can't help but want to put him in polo's all the time.

So, even though I know these clothes would be destroyed with paint, chalk, dirt, and who knows what else; I can't help but feel the desire from time to time to splurge on a little designer dud for my babies!  What kid designer do you like and what is your favorite outfit to put on your kids?  Comment below and let me know.  

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