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Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting the Air-Keyboarding Trend! Get in on the Groove!!!

Let’s relive our own childhood and bring back the 80’s style with a pretend keyboard!  We already had the air-guitar and now we can help our kids bring to style the air keyboard using this fun cardboard keyboard! 

You need:
Top of large diaper box
Foam sheets
Decorative items
Hot glue
White foam sheets
Black foam sheets
Black marker
Contact paper
Clear packing tape

Start by cutting off one of the flaps to a large diaper box.
Now, using the color of your choice,  wrap the entire flap in foam sheets using hot glue to attach them.  
Once done, measure a rectangle that is about 1/3 the size of the flap.  Trace this with a black marker.  

Have the kids decorate outside this rectangle giving their instrument a special flare! 

Using hot glue attach white foam to the rectangle area you marked off.  
Now cut small rectangles out of black foam and place to create the black keys.  

Use a black marker to draw the lines finishing your keyboard keys!

Using hot glue, attach a ribbon that stretches from one side to the other with room to slide over a kids neck to hang the keyboard off of them!  

Cover the entire thing in contact paper and clear tape to help it last longer. 

  Now, put on the 80’s keyboard music and a head band!  Jam out to your totally rad tunes using your pretend keyboard! 

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