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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last, but not least...Maraca's!!

Add a little flare with this working instrument!  All kids love noise so making a few working maraca’s will definitely please your crowd!  It is almost as good as a cow bell! Kids love making noise and this will allow them to create how they make that noise!

You need:

Flap from a diaper box
Foam sheets
Decorative items
Dried rice or split peas
Hot glue
Contact paper
Clear packing tape

Start by cutting the flap off of your diaper box.  
Now, bend the box into a triangle attaching itself to itself with hot glue.  

Now, cover one end with a foam sheet making sure to use lots of hot glue to seal the end of the triangle shut.  
Pour in broken up dried spaghetti. You can also use ½-1 cup of dried rice or split peas depending on the side of your triangle.  

Using lots of hot glue, attach another foam sheet to the other end of the triangle.  

Now, cover the middle section of the triangle in foam sheets.  

Allow the kids to decorate and then cover with contact paper and clear packing tape! 

Give it a shake and find your groove as you have just finished your bands last instrument!  Get your kids and their friends together and give each one an instrument, throw in some dress up clothes and awesome tunes, turn on the video camera and make your own music video!  The kids will re-use these time and time again!  Just store them in your music box and feel free to explore your inner musician!

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  1. Cool stuff! But I don't know whether it will last long if my boys play with it. Their toys don't normally survive the first hours at home sigh...


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