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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guitar Hero! Essential to the band!

Video games are so popular that they are fast replacing board games.  You don’t see kids as often sitting down for a great game of chess or life.  Now, you see them sitting in front of the TV to play a game that involves trying to kill each other in a brutal way.  A lovely switch don’t you think?  Why not get inspired by the games out their now and come up with a way to bring out the kids natural creativity and imagination!?

You need:
A Large Diaper Box
Foam sheets (can be found at Michaels’ or Joanne’s)
Hot Glue
3-4 doles
Rubber Bands
Clear Packing Tape
Decorative items

Start by unfolding the diaper box and trace a guitar shape that stems from one end to the other of the box.  

Next, use scissors or a zacto-knife to cut out the shape.  

Use the scraps from diaper box to re-enforce the creased areas from the box by hot gluing them to the side you determine to be the back of the guitar.  

Next, cut two strips from the left over diaper box that are the length of the handle of your guitar and hot glue them to the front of the guitar. 

Decide on what color(s) you want the guitar to be and glue foam sheets around the entire guitar shape!  Have the kids decorate with paint, markers, and stickers.  

Using hot glue attach the doles to the back of the top of the guitar.  Use lots of doles, so that they will stay in place.  Cover the foam areas with clear packing tape or contact paper. 
Now, hot glue a ribbon that stretches from one end of the guitar to the other leaving space for it to act as a guitar strap for the kids.  If you want you can also put clear tape over the glued ribbon to make sure it’s re-enforced! 

Lastly, take the zacto-knife and cut slits in the widest end of your guitar.  Thread a rubber band in each slit and then up around the each dole.  You are now ready for your little musician to rock out! 

Let each kid decorate the guitar to fit their own musical personality!  Video them pretending to play the guitar!  Write down in your Kids Journal the songs they make up and the things or little dance moves they do while jamming out!   

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