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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goblets of Goodies!

Days are still cold and the fun of the snow has faded at times making for some cooped up kids!  I say go with the lazy flow and have a movie marathon!  Why not make it a Harry Potter marathon?  There are plenty of movies to fill the day with that series.  Have the kids grab their pillows and blankets, make some coco or pass out the sippies and have everyone just lounge around on the couches and floor while watching you’re movies!  To get into the feel let’s make a cool popcorn holder for the kids!

You need:
An empty pop bottle (plastic)
Hot glue gun
Buttons (optional)
Paint (optional)

This is very simple to do.  First, remove the label.  Now scrub the outside to remove any of the label glue residue.  Next, cut the bottle near the bottom.  Scrub the bottles insides out.  Flip over the top portion of the bottle.  Using your hot glue put a ring of glue around the outside of the spout of the bottle.  Place this dead center inside the bottom of the bottle and hold to dry.  Next, fill the inside of the spout with hot glue and add some more to the outside of the bottle.  Let dry. 
Now you can either be done here and just add popcorn to your goblet of goodies or you can decorate it.

If you decorate I suggest doing so with buttons. You can paint them gold or whatever color, allow to dry and then apply or you can apply them as is using glue (hot glue is a better hold, but not safe for little fingers).  Make sure to avoid gluing them to the bottom of the goblet where it sits on the counter or it won’t sit nicely anymore.   Decorate as you see fit and then allow drying.  Once dry, add popcorn and sit down for your Harry Potter marathon watching each kid enjoy their own special goblet! 

We used ours to put holiday goodies we baked inside to share with friends and neighbors!  You can use this for decoration, popcorn, or whatever else you can imagine. Have fun with this magical craft and let the spells you cast be memories of laughter!  

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