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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Costume Review and Party idea!

So, around this time one of two things are happening, either you are planning a Valentine Party, getting an invitation to one, or planning a special evening.  Yeah, the basic decision of wearing pink or red or if you will decorate with pink or red hearts. The decisions are overwhelming(my attempt at sarcasm).  Where am I going with this, you're probably thinking.  Well, why not switch things up and through a party with a different theme!  I was asked to do a review that gave me a great party idea!  Love it when two things come together!

This year, why not take a page off of the Halloween season and have a costume party!  Invite all your guests to dress up!  Have the couples dress up as couples or matching themed costumes!  Decorate with hearts of all colors, but have your guests stand in front of a giant heart when they enter and snap a photo to print out.  Put them in frames around the table as seating charts or tape to string hanging from the ceiling and let your guests become part of the decor!

So, how did I come up with this idea?  Well, I was asked to review a costume for I received my super cute costume and as I was trying it on the idea came to me as a perfect Valentine Party Theme!  I received my costume and it fits great!  The size chart was very accurate and I was more than pleased with the reflection I saw in the mirror.  The fact that it arrived quickly and the selection I found was so vast during the off season was very pleasing.  It is always fun to pretend for a moment that you are someone else and get all dolled up!

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