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Monday, December 19, 2011

Snowless Snowman

We currently reside in Phoenix and that means we do not have snow!  That's right, no snow.  So, naturally, what do you think the kids say they want to make?  You guessed it a snowman!  Ya, OK, that's a lot of ice cubes for me to shred.  Since, I'm not about to shred some cubes, I had to get about getting creative.  Thus, the snow-less snowman was created!

For your Frosty you will need a few things:

Lots of un-needed ads and newspapers
Two white garbage bags
14 large buttons- black you have it but any color will do
Black Paint
Cardboard tube at the center of shipping paper (or a toilet paper roll center twisted tightly leaving one end wider and flat with the other ending in a point)
2 white plastic grocery bags
White packing tape
Hot Glue Gun
Diaper Box
Orange Paint

Start, by having the kids unfold and crumble the ads/paper into balls. Put them into one of the garbage bags.  Fill well and tie shut tightly.  Set to the side.  Fill the other garbage bag 2/3 of the way up, twist this closed and tape the twist to hold.  Now, stuff the remaining 1/3 of the bag with crumbled adds and paper.  Tie tightly when done.  Put hot glue on the top of the bag that is fully stuffed and set the partitioned bag on top of it.  Press down to make sure it glues well.

 If your buttons aren't black paint them black, if you want they can remain colorful, but paint any white ones a color so they are visible.  Paint the cardboard(toilet paper roll) orange.  Paint the box completely black!

Let this dry.

Stuff the two white grocery bags with ads/papers and tie tightly shut.  Now, tightly wrap the white tape up and down each bag making each one a very oblong oval shape.  Think of an antibiotic pill shape for the arms.  Tape each arm to either side of the snowman's body.  

Using hot glue, cover one side of the box in hot glue.  Set the bottom part of your snowman on the glue on the box and press down.  Your snowman now has shoes!

Glue the buttons onto the head for a face and down the center of your snowman!  Add your own personal finishing touches (scarf, mittens, hat, etc)  and consider your new frosty ready to greet the world!  

What I love about this craft is that I'm literally recycling the entire snowman and I can just toss him into the recycle bin when done!  In closing, just because their is no snow outside doesn't mean  you can't still build a snowman inside.  Just because something doesn't seem possible doesn't mean their isn't a way to make it happen with just a little imagination!

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