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Friday, December 30, 2011

Indoor Skating!

Indoor ice skating with wax paper boots
                                      It’s cold outside or if you live in Arizona, it’s chilly and not snowy or icy. So, what do you do when you’re stuck in doors or have no winter wonderland to play in? You make one inside. If you have carpet or linoleum, then you can make the winter come inside. 

You need: Wax paper Rubber bands (large) Large room with carpet or linoleum First, move all furniture out of the room or push aside so there is a clear area in the center. Watch for sharp edges/corners/ walls/decorations and cover with pillows and blankets. 

Now, gather the kiddos! Have them remove their shoes, but leave on their socks for extra padding. Take a large square of wax paper. Place the child’s foot in the center of the paper. Bring the paper up and rubber band the wax paper to your kids’ foot. Repeat this on the other foot. 
Now, help them up, put on some classical music, and put on an ice skating show in your living room! Careful, these are super slippery!!! When you’re done, just toss your “skates”. Bring the ice skating inside to exhaust your kids, explore winter inside, and get those little bodies understanding and exploring different surfaces. This is a great way to experiment with traction, balance, and textures with your kids! Write down what they say or do in the kids’ journal and enjoy you’re special memories! Don’t forget to get in on the fun yourself!


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