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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Chick-Fil-A Rocks! This is a Call to Action!!!

I got a call today while the kids were eating lunch from one of the parents.  It wasn’t a check up call or a there is a problem call it was a, I know you love kids and I found a great way to help!  You see, I live in Arizona and we have this thing called Helen’s Hope Chest here.  They deal with foster children and as it would happen the manager at the Stapley and Baseline Chick-Fil-A helped found Helen’s Hope Chest!  So, what does this have to do with a parent call?  Well, they are giving out a free sandwich in exchange for donations to Helen’s Hope Chest children!  They have a tree with ages and gifts wanted by children for you to draw from, then get the gift and bring it in!  

Of course, if you just bring in the purchased gift and label the age for it they won’t turn that down.  They are offering the sandwich, but if you’re not a fan you can still just donate because it is still goes to the kids in foster care that normally wouldn’t get a Christmas.  The largest ages in need are the 8-12 ages, everyone gets for the little one’s so I’m asking you, specifically the local readers, to help with a final donation push for the neediest age group.  Now, Helen’s Hope Chest does have kids all the way up to 18, so if you’re grabbing a $10 dollar gift for one of the 12 year olds, why not grab some make-up/clothes/CD/DVD/or teenage book while you’re at it and remind the older kids that kindness does exist in their world and good things can happen.  I want to note you do not have to get a $10 dollar gift it was just a number that I tossed out on my own because it seemed a reasonable one in the scheme of last minute shopping prices.  

They are only doing this until Friday so the kids can have them from Santa on Christmas morning!  Time is of the essence, so please remember the true meaning behind the holiday and stop at Chick-Fil-A as soon as possible with a donation to Helen’s Hope Chest!  If you are not local, find your local Salvation Army or just look up your local foster/adoption agency and drop off some “miss delivered” gifts from Santa!  Thank you so much for reading and for helping out in this great cause! 

Last night my husband and I received a duplicate package from Little Tikes.  As an aside story, I received deliveries last week and came to find that one was missing.  I looked it up and it was showing as delivered.  When I called UPS to ask them to have the driver check his truck I was told they couldn’t and to contact the shipping company!  Really, how hard would a phone call have been to say check for this package?  So, I contacted Little Tikes and they notified me they are looking for the package, in the meantime to avoid missing Christmas they were re-shipping.  Long story short, the wrong duplicate was re-shipped and when I advised them of this they gladly re-shipped the correct item with the request the duplicates were donate.  I promised to do so and when I found out about this opportunity, I felt, the opportunity was perfect for those extra gifts!  

We donated the duplicate order and will still be getting our correct item from Little Tikes before Christmas!  As an added bonus, we got to enjoy our favorite fast food meal-Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich!  Sometimes things just work out exactly as they should, because I got a call from a caring parent and Little Tikes provided excellent service re-sending the gifts then asking for the duplicates to be donated, because the manager of the Stapley Chick-Fil-A was holding this event, some kids will get some great gifts! 

Chick-Fil-A doing this is located just off the 60!
 1664 S Stapley Dr Mesa, AZ 85204 
(480) 892-9714

For more information on Helen’s Hope Chest go to and click on the Helen’s link!

To purchase from Little Tikes and know you’re getting great customer service click here:


  1. Abby ~ Love your Little Tikes story and what a great way to donate! ~ Wendy

  2. Thanks! Hopefully we can get some people in with gifts for the older kids!

  3. I'm glad you did this. Where I live, a few of us collaborated and put together 45 treat bags for kids that have no place to go for Christmas -- these kids are all in a treatment program or are wards of the state. It was a small effort but hopefully, made their holiday a bit more special knowing that people were thinking about them.

  4. @ Diane- Thanks, Wow! Great idea for spreading the love on the holidays! Their are just so many kids out their who don't have anyone to show them that fighting for themselves through good behavior, education, and not accepting the bad stuff that's been put towards them can bring good things. Helping out and showing them kindness does exist is the best gift a person can give! Great job!


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