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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hand Made Tree!

We love to decorate the tree each year.  So, let’s give the kids a tree they can be proud of too!  Let’s make one to put on the table next to the dish where Santa’s cookies will rest!  

You need:
3 Sheets Green paper

Start by having the kids decorate the paper with markers.  Next, trace the kids’ hands and cut out.  Now, hand the kids some stickers and have them decorate the hands, instructing them to try to stay near or on the fingers.  Once decorate, we are ready for construction.

Start by rolling one hand with the fingers pointing down around a finger and tape to itself.  Using Tape with the decorated side out and fingers facing down, roll and tape the rest of the hands to the inside of the one before, above, or next to it.  Move in a circle scooting downward each row.  Once you’ve finished the last row, or reached the size you desire, stop!  You can if you want use a pencil and go around all the fingertips.  Roll the fingertips around the pencil, rolling up the tree until you reach each palm. Hold for 15-30 second and move on to the next set of fingers.  This curls them up giving a more fluffy appearance to your tree!

The kids will love that this is made from their hands, by their hands and it is a great conversation piece for friends and family as you talk about how it was made and the memories you made! 

Decorate your home with tree’s this year and this one will give one with a special hand touched feel!


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