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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chocolate Mint Rooibus Tea Review

I was recently sent some tea to review.  If you have been follow me you will know I'm trying to cut down my coffee intact and replacing it with tea.  Naturally, when the opportunity came to review some teas, I jumped at it.  The company was very helpful in asking the flavors I prefer and sending me teas that fall into that category.  I love mint teas.  So this review and the 3 more to come will all be a variation of mint teas.  

Lets start reviewing!  

Chocolate Mint Rooibus Tea
The tea itself is from South Africa.  It is safe for those on a restricted diet and with health concerns.  Since it has no caffeine it is alright for those with heart issues.  As it is from the Rooibus plant it is full of anti-oxidants and very healthy.

Along with the tea, I was sent steeping or brewing instructions as well as the product outline.  So for Rooibus Teas it is recommended that you steep until it has a rich red color.  You can drink it plain or with milk and lightly sweetened.  It can be served either hot or cold.  Since it is supposed to calm and promote healthy sleep (apparently according to their literature is also used on colicky babies by South Africans), drinking it as a night time de-stress is what I did.    

Using filtered water (bottled is preferred, but I only had filtered) I brought it to a rolling (starting to bubble largely under the surface) boil, I immediately reduced the heat to ensure the water wouldn't be too depleted of oxygen.  Next, I put in a bag of tea and allowed to steep for 5-8 minutes.  

I made sure to watch for a very deep red color telling me the Rooibus is ready.  I chose not to sweeten or add milk as I wanted to get the full flavor.  

For starters, Rooibus tea has always tasted very rooty to me and not my favorite.  I have drank it in the past for its antioxident and health benefits, but always choked it down so putting this to my lips honestly had me worried.  I drank it and was pleasantly surprised.  It still had that rooty Rooibus taste and not my favorite tea flavor, but also an almost cool hint of chocolate and mint.  The chocolate and mint were very subtle, but nicely offset some of the sting I normally encounter with a Rooibus taste.  I wasn't expecting the cool sensation especially from a hot tea.  Don't get me wrong it was definately hot, but the flavor itself gave off a cool mint sensation.  While, I will never be a Rooibus flavor fan, I will definitely be having another glass of this to help me calm down and sleep deeply after a long day.  As an aside, I did sleep better than I had in a while, was it the Rooibus root doing it job or just me thinking it could? Either way, I'm definitely not complaining!

In the end, I was OK with this flavor.  Being someone who hates Rooibus flavoring this would probably translate into an amazing for someone who enjoys Rooibus flavors.  I will also note that when I go for my Rooibus intake this will definately be the tea I reach for above all other Rooibus being as its the first I haven't hated!  

Great Job mixing flavors Boston Tea Company!  

As always I encourage you to judge for yourself and comment what you thought below!  

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Now the Product details: 



Manufacturer: Bentleys Finest Tea

SKU #: 11420

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, this refreshing treat is sure to please. While sipping this flavorful blend you can take comfort in knowing that your purchase of this Fair Trade Certified tea goes to help the communities of the farmers who harvest it!
CONTAINS: 40 String-and-Tag Tea Bags Packed in a Foil Pouch to Preserve Freshness
PROFILE: Premium select Fair Trade Certified South African red tea with refreshing mint and luscious cocoa
HEALTH: Low in tannins, but high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, Red Tea helps to improve digestion, fight colds, and control allergies. It also aids in maintaining healthy skin, bones, and teeth!
Naturally caffeine-free!
Double your tea-drinking pleasure; try any of these flavors hot or iced!
Gluten Free: Yes
Kosher: Orthodox Union (OU)
Ingredients: Premium Blend of Fair Trade Certified South African Rooibos, Mint and Cocoa Flavor

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