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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shopping Woes!


Christmas shopping, honestly is there anything more annoying?  It’s not getting gifts for others and spreading cheer, it’s the lines, what to get those who get themselves everything during the year, finding the right size/color/style, fighting the crowds, and that there is always someone willing to dispense the perfect gift advice which is never actually helpful.  My current dilemma?  

What to get a sister who is a nurse and pretty much lives in her nursing scrubs?  Seriously, she bikes(not the walmart type of bike but the ones that make you think of Neil Armstrong at REI, she goes to school to advance her nursing degree, and she works.  Fantastic, expensive bikes and scrubs.  Really this is what I have to go on for her Christmas gift.  Try finding stuff for either in the bargain bin in your local mall or at the strip mall down the road.  No you have to find a specialty store and drop a small fortune for either a really awesome bike accessory or the plainest scrubs in the world.  See, this is why I’m not a fan of the Holiday shopping.

So, I decided to refuse to go to the mall or specialty store and took to the net!  In a search for some cute
Cheap Nursing Scrubs.  I was finally able to find some reasonable priced one’s that are actually cute!  Seriously how much cuter can you get for scrubs than one’s designed to look like jeans with faux stitched pockets?!!!  I may have found a solution to my holiday shopping woes when it comes to those hard to shop for by finding online stores specializing in the specialty that person operates in!  For my sister I went to in case you’re shopping for the dentist, doctor, or other medical professional in your life!

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