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Friday, July 22, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun!

Table looking dirty, but the kids are in need of something to stimulate their creative juices? Why not combine the two! I have found that shaving cream is very good at cleaning surfaces like tables and leaves them smelling great!! So, with some close supervision and paint shirts I decided to have the kids enjoy some creative play while they helped clean up the table and high chairs.

You need:

One table needing a wipe down
Can of shaving cream (dollar store brand is fine, just pick a scent you like)
Paint shirt/old shirt
Washable paints

First, make sure the floor around them is clear and in a state where any droppings won’t matter. Put the paint shirt on the kid. Squirt a line of shaving cream in front of them, let it grow if its gel, add squirts of paint and let the kids get to smearing! Watch for hands near mouths or eyes so make sure to have hair pulled back if needed. Once the kid is done, have them put out one finger and draw a design in the shaving cream. Tell them “Hands up and fingers wide” Now, press the piece of paper down on their design and VIOLA! The shaving cream creation is done! Make sure to write about the experience with textures, scents, and a new art medium in your kids journal!

You can have them erase their drawing and create a new one, or if needed add more shaving cream and paint and let them do it again! Once they are done, this is my favorite part, hand the kid a dry or slightly damp paper towel depending on the state of the shaving cream and have them wipe it up! Now, wipe up the kid, throw the paint shirt in the wash and you have cleaned the table, done a craft, and perfumed your kid in one fun activity! Talk about some multitasking goodness! In closing, sometimes situations that look messy are really just the quickest way of getting multiple things done, so don’t shy away from the fray jump right in and find a new way to appreciate a little mess again!

Life is messy, use the messy to clean itself up!


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