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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My life as a Tangled song!

I recently saw a posting from my cousin regarding the movie tangled and her love of the song regarding Rapunzel’s day. I enjoyed her cheeky little posting and decided to do a little tangled song of my own outlining at least part of my day. Here it goes:

6 AM the usual morning line up
Shower and clean than post on craigslist
Check email than start to get the kids up
2 diaper changes, day clothes, and daddy get kissed!

And so we wave good bye,
He goes off to work,
Kids show up and the dogs all lie,
Log them all in just like a clerk,
Wondering when will nap time begin,

Breakfast, diapers, water dish filled, and everyone’s clean,
Outside to run, jump, and sweat,
Inside we read, write, and get ready for kids to beam,
Than we paint, glitter, a little glue here
A mess is what I get,

And so I clean the kids,
Get out boxes for them to hid,
Sweep, mop, and wipe,
Diapers changed again,
In the same routine I’ve always been,

I’m just running, jumping, cleaning, heart pumping, wondering when nap time will begin,

Now I’ll feed 4 kids plus the two in high chairs,
Clean and wipe them up,
There is food everywhere,
Yoga, dance, stretch, head bump,
Kisses, hugs, and sippy cups are poured,
As we slow down with a story or two.
The kids are ready, eyes rubbing,
All ready for slumber and finally nap time begins.

Now, onto my blogging, house cleaning, phone calling, trying to get it all in!
Because just as nap started it soon will be disrupted and I’ll start all over again,
With more diapers, and feeding, art, than book reading,
This is your life with kids.

Constant moving and lugging,
Scolding than hugging,
I could never give it all up!
I’ll keep trying at writing,
While watching these crazy kids,
And someday they will be grown,
I’ll miss running, jumping, cleaning, heart pumping wishing nap time had never came,
Because now that their older the kids are much bolder and I won’t be as busy as I am.
So, I’ll smile and giggle at every little wiggle waiting for naptime to end.

That is my Tangled life. Sort of, I was trying to rhyme like they did, had to cut a lot of stuff or it would be a long song, and didn’t know how to end it. So, I ask each of you what your Tangled life is like? We all think at times, I wish my life were a song or movie, but what would our live’ be like if they were one? Try it out write your own script and remember only you can change your storyline!


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