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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bottle/Sippy Attachment required for Travel!!!

One of the things that you will hate to lose while on your trip is any Sippy’s, bottles, or pacifiers. You can only bring so many and there aren’t always stores around to get more at that your child will use. If you kids are anything like mine, they get attached to a specific type of beverage container and those aren’t found everywhere. For this reason you can either go out and buy a bunch of those bottle attachments, or you can go to the craft store, get some ribbon, Velcro, a needle and thread and make your own for half the cost therefore half the disappointment if they get ruined on the trip or in the wash.

You need:

1 inch thick Velcro cut to 2 inches long
Thread the same color as your thread
1 foot and a half of ribbon (best part is getting to pick your own style and colors!)
Clasp (optional)

Start by looking at your thread and deciding how you want it to go around the Sippy or bottle by wrapping on end around the bottle. Make sure to use the largest Sippy or bottle you have, I suggest comparing it to the smallest you have as you may want to add a second section of Velcro for the different sizes or just use a longer Velcro strip. Mark the spot that the end of the ribbon will overlap by an inch with a pin or by holding onto it with your hand and if you have your needle and thread ready start stitching it on. If you marked the spot with a pin than get you needle loaded place the Velcro against that spot and stick it on. Note: If you want the design side of the ribbon to show around the bottle than attach the Velcro you marked on the side that has no design. Once you’ve stitched on the Velcro making sure to only stitch around the edges and try to make sure not to sew down any of the Velcro or it will function less properly. Now attach the other side of the Velcro to the end closes to your already attached Velcro. Again, be careful not to sew down any of the Velcro and stick to the edges. This side is your bottle or pacifier attachment as the pacifier can be threaded through.

For the other end of the ribbon you have a few options. You can either repeat the process above and Velcro it to whatever you may need to, but make sure to measure that as you did the bottles for the Velcro placement. Note: you may need a longer ribbon if what you attach it to is thick. You can attach a suspender clip that you purchased at the craft store and clip it to the child, around something and then to the ribbon itself, or to a fabric part of the car seat if available. The last option is the one I used which was to attach elastic to the end. This way I could wrap the ribbon itself around the object, thread the Velcro end through my elastic loop and pull tight before attaching the Sippy. I like this option for the ease of sewing it offers, option of ribbon used giving me more options for what to attach it to, and the security in knowing that it wouldn’t come loose.

I took a half inch wide elastic band and measured out 3 inches. I sewed one end of the elastic to my available end of ribbon. I then created a loop with the elastic and sewed the other end next to the one already attached. I made sure it worked by quickly attaching it to the chair and a cup. Viola!!!! Cheap and easy ready to go! I made one in red and one in blue to keep track of whose bottle was whose. You can make as many as you wish, add on gems or charms for added flare, and even add kids names with Applica’s if you wish.

It took me a while to figure out just how I wanted to make this and so I’m passing it on to you, so you can look at the options and make it quicker. Also, I wanted to add that it is a good idea to put a min-purell in your baby bag since you can use it to disinfect everything. Planes are infested with other people and their germs. Keeping the Sippy or bottle attached to your kid and off the floor along with purelling yourself, the kids, and everything around them will help you avoid some nasty bugs. In closing:as often is seen in life we can either spend a fortune to make things easier on ourselves, or save the money by making things to make things easier ourselves and use the money for a trip later!


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