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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Slight Nudge

From time to time on here I talk about my husband and how great he is and this posting is going to be one of those times. I have this amazing husband who when I have appointments and he is able to he covers for me with the daycare. Sometimes, he telecommutes and then not only is he trying to do his job, but he is also fielding random kid questions and helping with poopy diapers. Friday was a day he did both as I needed to go to the dentist. Now, taking on 6-7 kids while doing anything else is a day of insanity and even if it’s just a half a day it is still stressful and crazy. I was particularly thankful that I was able to go to the dentist sans children on Friday because of the odd and terrifying event that occurred on my way home.

After seeing the dentist to find out that I need this that and the other (due to back to back pregnancies taking a lot of calcium from my body) and its going to cost a pretty penny, I was naturally not feeling like this day was the most amazing day in the world. That said I did not anticipate having my life “touched” by a six cop car pursuit. As I slowed down to a line of cars at a red light I heard sirens, naturally I looked around for where they were coming and while I didn’t see anything at first; I did notice a red/maroon PT Cruiser coming up slightly faster than it should have behind me in the other lane. I didn’t think much of this because in my area it’s not uncommon to see someone come up to a light fast and have to really put on the brakes, plus they were in the other lane which didn’t have any cars. After not seeing anything behind me I finally saw two cop cars coming on the opposite side of the road in front of me when suddenly they put on their brakes causing the noses of their cars to dip down. Next thing I knew my car was pushed/nudged from behind as the PT Cruiser apparently thought the cops where going to do something where they would come into the Cruisers lane (perhaps slam into it to take the cruiser out)and swerved oh-so-slightly into my lane nudging my car. As the cop cars, slower than I would have expected, flipped the biggest U-turn I’ve seen the PT Cruiser, who didn’t stop and only slowed slightly from nudging me, turned to cross the opposite lanes to go into the parking lot on the other side of the street and out the other exit of the parking lot onto a different street. The two cop cars that flipped the U-turn were passed by two motorcycle cops and two other cop cars that followed the PT Cruiser on its crazy course. The two cop cars that flipped the U followed their comrades’ after the little red cruiser, no one pausing to check out the car the Cruiser just hit. After a second a few by-standers including the car in front of me were at my door asking if I was alright, a few commenting how they couldn’t believe it just happened. I said I was alright, but was quickly gaining anger at whatever had been done to my SUV. A bystander said there was glass near the back of my car, walked back there, then came to my door with a puzzled look saying no damage. I felt dazed, shaken, but otherwise OK got out and walked to the back of my SUV. Behold, no sign of the impact that I took other than glass on the ground which seemed to be from the cruisers headlight. I told the few around I was ok and thanked them so much for stopping and we all dispersed. I pulled into the nearest parking lot to think of how to tell my husband I was delayed because a cop car chase hit me, but everything was OK? Seriously, you see those chases on TV and how the people being chased hit other cars, but you never think to yourself as you leave the dentist, “Today, I’ll be one of those people whose life is interrupted by some moron getting chased by the cops”. The SUV (which is a Ford) is completely fine and a tank it would seem. I’m fine, had some slight muscle tightness the following day and had some nerves to deal with for a few hours after, but nothing other than a who-would-have-imagined story to tell from the event.

In closing, never assume what you see on TV won’t happen to you because it has to happen to someone. So, be as prepared as you can for everything and then smile or laugh through the parts that you can because when your old and gray it will make for a funny story to tell the grandkids or if your me, the people who follow your blog.


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