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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rock on!

Some days there isn't much time for major projects, but that doesn't mean you can't still do some artsy fun! If the day is nice and you need to spend some time outside to get yard work done, than look around to see what you can make into art!

Today was a busy and hot day. The kids really wanted to be outside, but after a few minutes and doing our yoga outside, they were too hot to play hard. Not yet hot enough for us to go inside since the afternoons are too hot for play, but just hot enough for the kids to want something to do outside. I looked around and thought what do we have that we can make a craft out of? We had the chalk out and the kids do very well decorating the sidewalk on their own, so with the sidewalk covered I needed something else for the kids to draw on. The answer was under my nose!

Rocks, we have a lot of rocks and they are normally off limits to the kids. I had them sit in the shade near the rocks and each kid got some chalk and rocks in the milk jugs (see previous posting). They sat down and went to work covering each rock with chalk, making for some colorful additions to my backyard and an endless supply of fun! In addition to the colorful project the kids got to be little archeologists by noting how the rocks felt, how heavy the rocks were, if the rocks were big or small, and the color of the rocks before they colored.

To close, no matter how big or small the project is there is always a project around waiting for you to find it! So, never be afraid to look at where you’re standing and get a little messy because the unplanned projects can carry the most learning, participation, and fun! Rock on with your Chalk on people!


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