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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Torus Bowl Review

Where does the time in the day go?  No matter how much I do, how fast I move their is always something that needs to be done.  The more moving parts in your house the more little interruptions that come along and steal precious seconds from the rest of the to-do list.  One thing that I always seem to have the worst time keeping up with is the dog dish.  I have 3 dogs and they won't touch it for hours, then right when I am carrying a kid, laundry bin, and half a dozen other things I hear the slurping of the pups.  Wouldn't you know it, they empty the darn thing in 5 minutes flat and now I need to fill it up again.  It never ends!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of the Torus Bowl:  So, what first caught my eye about this bowl was that it held a reserve of water that it self filled as needed.  This was the perfect solution to my problem, but  in the past the only options have been those upside down liter bottles that tend to make a mess or get knocked off and now I have a mini-puddle in my house demanding attention.  For that reason I have always avoided bowls that self fill, more problems then the one I got!  This bowl, however holds the water in the walls of the bowl itself!  Perfect, no spill during the dish fill, no accidental puddle, just added time before I have to fill it up and the pups are well hydrated in our desert home!  The bonus for me was that it can lock or not fill with the reserve water so I can take it on long trips without a huge mess or extra-water containers.  Space and time saver!
As my dogs get older we water more of what they eat and what goes in them.  The water out here tends to be hard and full of minerals that they may not need and may build up in their aging systems.  The water dish has an easily replaceable filter.  So, not only do I solve my random water filling issue, can take this on long trips without using even more space to fill it, I also know that the water they get is probably better then the water I am drinking because its filtered.  I really love this bowl and what it offers.  Check it out for yourself!

Product Description: 
TORUS™ is a watering system, portable storage bowl and supplement dispenser in one!
TORUS™ watering bowls store up to 2L of water inside their reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses. Its large capacity means less filling and its low profile means less spills or mess. TORUS™ has lock, fill and drink functions making it ideal for travel. TORUS™ does not require batteries or a power source and has a 12 month warranty. TORUS™ watering bowls come in two sizes, 2L which is ideal for multi-pet homes and larger pets and a 1L which is perfect for smaller pets. Each bowl comes with one carbon filter and the range includes replacement filters.

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