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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Grand Scream of Things CD Review

There are spooky sounds in our future and songs that go bump in the night!  October will be here before you know it and the kids will be wanting some creepy songs to dance.  Lucky for me I review Children's Music.  Here is one of the good Halloween CD's that any Haunted House must have for their Monster Mash!
Andy Z's CD The Grand Scream of Things is a blast.  The sounds rang from a mass amount of instruments like trumpet, saxophones, and trombone to achieve a fun sound that fits with the Halloween festivities.  Listening to this CD will literally tell you, "How we Roll", a song that is playful and a kid pleaser.  My personal favorite is "Punkin Patch", in a song or in person a Pumpkin Patch is always one of my favorite part of Halloween.  So, are you ready to get into, "The Grand Scream of Things"?

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  1. We listen to it non-stop in the car...and then the re-created Dominic version non-stop everywhere else. It is a great "concept" album from start to finish. LOVE it!


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